"The best motivation always comes from within" - Michael Johnson

It's All About The Kids
We measure our success not in team or organization size, but through the educational, social and travel experiences the athletes gain each season. By centralizing our squad, safety is increased and coaches have all-day access to facilitate coaching/mentoring opportunities.  When not competing, kids will be kids…talking, laughing, playing and spending an entire day outside in fresh air.

Track & Field uniquely teaches dedication, persistence and self-confidence. The discipline of daily training, learning to push through fatigue to complete workouts, is a great molder of character. Student-athletes can measure their improvement through times and distances, rather than the more subjective performance metrics in team sports.

The athlete's performance times/marks are documented and assessed on a weekly basis. No matter what the marks are at the beginning of the season, it is always encouraging to the child to see his/her marks continuously improve during the season.  To enrich the athlete, we have committed to team travel.  We attend the USATF Association, Regional and Junior Olympics.  We traditionally attend the USATF Youth Outdoor Championships traveling to Charlotte NC, Detroit, Chicago and Arlington TX in recent years.

At season’s end, we are successful if our athletes have enhanced exposure, are in better health and have increased self-esteem.
At Destined To Run, our primary focus is athlete development, not athletic development. The greatest joy for Destined To Run coaches is to see a student-athlete “buy in” and “catch the vision” that their dedicated work can and does lead to improvement and self-confidence.
Improved Academics through Competition
Many of our graduates have continued to compete in Track & Field at the college level. Many of our graduating seniors earn university track scholarships. This is not by accident. We encourage an environment where athletes are taught athletic achievement is not enough to secure a scholarship.  We expose athletes to programs from the major universities and to small programs throughout the United States.  We believe each athlete who wants to compete in college can do so, if they are willing to go where the opportunities are and be academically prepared when they get there.  

We encourage our high school athletes through SAT preparation, NCAA Eligibility enrollment, and communications with university track programs. Destined To Run encourages athletes who wish to compete at the college level by assisting in their resume, personal records and a video of races and events. Because Destined To Run has many Track & Field alumni who have participated in college, many college coaches are familiar with our program and actively recruit Destined To Run athletes.
How You Can Help.
Destined 2 Run is commited to helping each of our atheletes increase their skills as a means to reaching their personal goals. In our efforts to create growth in each individual athelete as well as the community in general, we incur various costs related to the facilitation of practices and training, as well as race fees and transportation costs. Your gift can help offset the burden on our atheletes and their families. Thank you in advance for your support. Destined 2 Run is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) and your charitable contribution may be tax deductable.
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We’re Not Just About Winning Medals…
But We Win a Few
Each year we hope to celebrate a Destined To Run national champion in events from the jumps, to the throws, hurdles, middle distance, and multi-events. In addition, our participation in the USATF Youth Outdoor Nationals assures us the chance to do that by our age divisions.

Our results prove our methods and infrastructure foster excellence not only for our elite athletes, but also for the many children who join Destined To Run Track Club each year having no prior track and field experience.