...Destined 2 Run Track Club
was founded in 2009 in Allen, Texas by Coach Richard Thomas. We are a 501(c)3 certified organization.  Athletes who participate come from the north-east region of Texas. We are sanctioned by the USA Track & Field National Governing body and its local Southwest Association for track and field, distance running, race walking and cross country. Our goal is to assist young people ages 6-18 who are interested in improving their physical fitness, mental stamina, and teamwork skills through organized track and field competition.

Athletics is an opportunity to utilize God-given talents on the stage of competition. Competition is a crucible which reveals the character of our student-athletes and allows coaches to mold and develop our young men and women into leaders of the present and future.

Through training and competition, our student athletes learn how to deal with winning and losing, frustration and cohesion, fatigue and momentum, despair and hope. By learning that improvement happens through repeatedly practicing skills and adding new ones, student-athletes begin a regimen of life-long learning that spans the body, soul and spirit. Realizing that one victory does not assure another, students learn to put yesterday behind and strain toward what is ahead.

Conversely, students learn to handle defeat with grace and class, congratulating their opponents and resolving to work harder to improve. These character traits can lead a student-athlete to a life characterized by humility and grace, whatever their circumstances.
We are a small member, one site organization, supporting a small group of select athletes. We have become a nationally renowned youth track clubs in USATF.  We are committed to maintaining an outstanding grass roots organization according to the vision of our founder.

Reach us by phone at (214) 868-2571

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